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Breakaway from traditional marketing with the latest in design thinking. Discover new forms of text, visuals, infographics, animations, videos and audio chapters to tell your story and move people through the funnel to take action to improve their health

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Content Creation

Grow Awareness

Support your market from the very beginning of their journey. Build content that connects with health professionals that realise a potential opportunity. Create marketing elements that empathise with patients who express symptoms of a possible problem.


Build brand awareness, develop and strengthen relationships with existing and new customers using blogs. By providing relevant and useful content with consistent blogging throughout their online journey you can boost your brand’s search engine optimisation and establish your brand as an authority.

Content Creation
Content Creation


Simplify your brand’s scientific data and tell better stories with infographics. The human brain processes visuals better than text so infographics are an excellent tool to make complex information easy to digest. Establish your brand as an expert by transforming large amounts of complicated information to simple, shareable stories for your audience.

Support Evaluation

Prevent your market from getting lost during confusing stages of their journey. Develop content that fast-tracks research for time-strapped health professionals looking for possible solutions to their problem. Produce resources that help patients who are educating themselves about their health issue.

Educational Resources

Deepen the relationship with your target audience by creating informative and helpful tools that speak to a known desired end result. High value information that is thoughtfully designed for rapid consumption is irresistible. Change the state and mindset of your audience so that they are primed to engage in future business with your brand.

Content Creation
Content Creation

Quizzes & Surveys

Engage your audience in a unique interactive way and connect them to your educational brand material by making quizzes or surveys available online. Give your participants immediate perspective of the knowledge gaps they may have and offer support to move them closer toward their treatment goals and outcomes.


Increase sales without selling by using webinars. Develop brand authority when you showcase expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products and services to hundreds of healthcare professionals and patients anywhere in the world. Build trust from the human element – webinars allow you to put a real face to your brand, helping your audience to engage with and even become emotionally invested in your business.

Content Creation

Drive Conversion

Move your market toward making an informed decision at the final stage of their journey. Offer content that supports health professionals to define their strategy or method to solving their problem. Share content that helps patients decide their preferred approach to overcoming their health issue.

Comparison & Spec Sheets

Enhance your customer’s journey with sheets that detail precisely what is included in each product and service and show it will benefit them. Demonstrate to healthcare practitioners and patients that your business brings industry-leading marketing operations that result in faster, more predictable results.

Content Creation
digital marketing

Case Studies

Directly address common concerns for your audience with detailed specific case studies. People are more easily persuaded by citable, numerical information. Health professionals demand it, patients respect it. Share your brand perspective and brand voice during the closing stages of treatment selection and leverage the evergreen nature of this powerful form of content that can yield higher ROI.


Video content is becoming more and more popular – and more powerful. Video converts. Video is able to evoke emotions online unlike any other medium. Video allows you to use tools like tone of voice, facial expressions, and emotional music to your advantage. Videos increase the amount of time a visitor spends on your website building emotional connection and trust.

digital marketing


Bring your brand idea to life with animations that are easy to understand. Simplify your product’s Mode of Action and improve engagement with visual learners. This powerful style of video allows you to impeccably integrate your brand language into highly shareable content.

When it comes to healthcare marketing, content is imperative. If your business doesn’t have the time, resources, or expertise to write, design or develop content you can outsource the production to a digital marketing agency like XEIOH who can craft unique, relevant and engaging content for your brand.

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