Why we stepped up to create coronavirus infographics for the South African public

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Communication, Latest News

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When the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing flurry of fake news hit South Africa in April 2020, we realised that we needed to step up and use our expertise as visual storytellers to simplify the science and drive changes to behaviour that could help slow down the spread of the virus.

Our infographics caught the attention of several politicians, in particular, Gauteng MPL (Member of the Provincial Legislature), Makashule Gana. He asked our managing director (and sometimes explorer), Sohini Gowan, to join him on his ‘Unscripted’ Facebook Live broadcast on 04 July 2020 to talk about the science, insights and visual language that we consider when designing infographics.

The perfect storm

Sohini explains how the ‘perfect storm’ around the coronavirus inspired us to get involved, why and how we simplify science to tell stories to democratise healthcare and improve health literacy

The call-to-action is critical

Sohini unpacks the behaviours and insights that we consider when crafting the story flow and call-to-action for the coronavirus infographics.

The value of agility and strategy

The value of digital communications is that it allows you to quickly assess the impact, and change tack if the message needs to be altered – as we had to do. It became clearer that science alone was not going to change behaviour, and that we needed to consider a strategy that tapped into tactics that made people feel more comfortable about the way they received and processed information e.g. online quizzes

Audience Q & A

The Q & A section of the interview where Makashule and Sohini addressed questions from the audience.

About our core infographic team

Schalk Burger

Schalk Burger is the head of design thinking at XEIOH. He makes it his mission to find simple and meaningful design solutions to allow people to easily consume information. His inspiration comes from good music and gardening.

Michael MacDonald (B Sc)

Michael has more than 20 years’ experience in the marketing industry including brand and marketing management roles for leading Healthcare, FMCG and Direct Marketing companies. Over the past 4 years, Michael has turned his focus to online marketing and has completed numerous international digital marketing certifications. His traditional marketing foundation enables sure-footed influence with integration of the latest digital tactics. His approach values data with the aim of maximising ROI.

Michael cross-trains for his quest to reach 100 years healthy and happy. So, chances are you’ll find him mountain biking, running or paddling a canoe when he’s not behind his keyboard.

Sohini Gowan

Sohini Gowan is XEIOH’s chief medical copywriter and health science strategist. She graduated as a pharmacist but is a storyteller at heart. Her best ideas flow when she is out hiking with her dogs, climbing volcanoes, exploring ice caves or swimming with sharks – anything outside!

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